Big ideas and hard-bitten feet by ellie berry

Blue trails are completed trails.

Blue trails are completed trails.

Since April of this year (2017) I have been walking all the National Waymarked Trails of Ireland. These trails, 43 in total, ramble through 25 counties and encompass a combined 4,000km in distance.

This project is known as Tough Soles, and wandering all over the place with me is Carl Lange. The idea came about from previous travels, where we'd noticed a strange thing happening. The further we went and the more people we met, the more we were told what a beautiful, unique, idyllic place Ireland was. To them, Ireland represented the exact type of adventure that we were travelling to find. And so, this project was born from a desire to explore and know my home. To find the Ireland that I hadn’t experienced.

To date, we've completed 20 trails and almost 2,000km. 

We make videos, and share our experiences as we go. 

Camino Del Norte by ellie berry

Rough route of Camino Del Norte

"'Cos I'm leaving, on a jet-plane. Don't know when I'll be back again ..."

Tomorrow morning, I'm flying to Biarritz, France, and from there I'm walking about 800km to Santiago De Compostela in west Spain. I have no real previous serious walking experience, but I've bought a good pair of shoes, and I've packed light. 
For a bit of back story to the walk; the Camino is a pilgrimage of St. James the Apostle. The walk roughly starts where it was thought his body was first buried, and ends in Santiago del Compostela, where his tomb now is. The route we're taking heads along the north cost of Spain (photo above!). 
There are lots of reasons I'm doing this walk. I guess I'll decide which one is the right one while I'm over there. For now, here are two articles that have motivated me recently. 


And last note - I bought a new camera! So I'll be shooting this whole walk on a lovely Fujifilm X-Pro 1. See you all in a month or two. 

The Palace of the People by ellie berry

When in St. Petersburg, I was a bit surprised when I was told our city tour was going to be having a talk in the metro. When taking the escalator down some 120meters underground, our tour guide gave the simple introduction of:
"After the wealth of the tzars, it's not surprising that our new government wanted to give something back to the workers. And so, they built the metro, as the Palace of the People." 

The shots are quite "touristy" but the place was so amazing I wanted to post them. 

Pretty photos thrown in a pile by ellie berry

More photos from Tallinn! None of these photos really go together, but it's a Tuesday! So they're going out like this. Mixture of shots from the Palace and my walk to it. 

Twenty-Four Days in Tallinn by ellie berry

It's been twenty-four days since I arrived in Tallinn (and 10minutes actually if we want to be exact), and I am unsure where to begin. 
In this time I have joined Instagram (just for fun), I've lost my bank card (not so fun). I am in the process of joining Swedbank, and I managed to only fall on my ass once. I have learnt two words of Estonian (hello and thank you), but have had a full conversation with an old lady who thought I was someone else. 

I have not gotten lost. 

I think people need to appreciate how big an achievement that is. On a slightly related topic, I have become an expert at Google Maps. I've fallen in love with both Old Town's towering churches, and the industrial forced beauty the rest of the city projects. I've seen ice sculptures and large format linocuts. I have not attended a "photography" class yet. I am eating a lot of chocolate, but I'm blaming the long nights for that. There is strong coffee! I get to shoot as much film as I want as it cost €4.80 to have a roll processed, scanned and emailed to me. I have visited the old Palace and seen the most amazing ball room. And I have learnt it is really hard to photograph falling snow. 

Now that I've tried to type some words, here are the photos.



Rejected Colour by ellie berry

I've been posting on twitter a few of the images I took at the same time as Colour Vienna, but they didn't make the final cut for the smaller selection I have online. So I've decided to share them all together here in a blog post, seeing as I have been quite silent online recently.