There is rarely silence while walking - hiking boots crunch through layers of leaves; breaths heave on the uphill stretches; backpacks gently, but relentlessly, creak as the weight shifts from shoulder to hip. Wind blows branches, rain pelts hoods. However, within this amiable cacophony,  the most consistent noise machine would have to be one's mind.

It can go unnoticed, the noise a mind can make. While living in a loud, constantly changing environment like a city, the mental chatter you have with yourself nestles into the background sounds of everyday life. It disguises itself as to-do lists, and reminders for events you’ve forgotten to write down. But while your legs are burning, feet gently sliding in the boggy soil (somehow found on every mountain on this island) your mind will keep talking to you. It builds elaborate plans for when the walking ends, or maybe dissects the language used on a single sign many miles back.

And then I look up, panting and with shaking knees. The photo forms in front of me, and my hands automatically unclip the camera from where it’s latched as I walk. Camera is raised to eye, and for that moment there is silence.

The Mourne Mountains, Co. Down

Currently, I am stationary, living in a city, examining what I have made while walking.  All the silent moments now have the potential to create a new narrative, reflecting on the research I find, and the new voices that are sharing the space of my mind.


Ellie Berry is a visual artist living in Dublin, currently pursuing a Practice-led Masters by Research at IADT. She graduated from her BA in Photography with a 1st class honours degree in 2016. 

Her work focuses on outdoor experiences, often exploring the landscape and the connections found there. Since 2017 she has been walking every National Waymarked Trail in Ireland with Carl Lange (Tough Soles), with a current total of 3,000+km walked. In spring 2019 they will hopefully become the first people to have walked every National Waymarked Trail. 

Ellie is also a writer, and in 2018 has written for such publications as Intrepid Magazine, Totally Dublin, The Mountain Log, Leave No Trace Ireland, and The Summit. As well as the personal blog on this site, she write the Tough Soles blog.


Recent Exhibitions

Halftone Print Fair 2018
Selected works exhibited as part of PhotoIreland’s print fair. Nov 2018
Online link

Irishness with Junior Press and the Gallery of Photography, Dublin
Exhibited in the Gallery of Photography Dublin as part of their collaboration with Junior Press examining work featuring the theme of Irishness.
Jul 2018 – Sep 2018

Dublin Art Book Fair at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Dublin
Exhibiting Del Norte Photobook, November 10th - 15th 2016

Halftone Print Fair 2016
Selected works from 240km exhibited as part of PhotoIreland’s print fair. Nov 2016
Online link

Photo week Aarhus Denmark
Exhibited Del Norte Photobook, Sep 2016 – Oct 2016

Nothing in Stone(Group) Steambox, Dublin. 
Exhibiting Del Norte (prints and book).
As part of the PhotoIreland PhotoFestival.
July 21st - 30th 2016

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