Independence Day by ellie berry


Yesterday was Estonia's 97th Celebration of their Independence. This I didn't quite understand, (not as to why they have an independence day, but the 97 years didn't add up) as in the limited reading I did coming here, I had learnt that Estonia regained it's Independence in 1991. And that is true - they now however, look at 1918 as their year or Independence, and between 1940 to '91, they were occupied from both the German's and the Russians, but still an independent state. I'm not sure if it was knowing this that jaded my viewing of the day, if it was the dark gloomy weather, or if this is just how it is done.
Missing the 07:30am flag raising ceremony, I walked the city for excitement. I was met by protestors, by serious faces and drunks twirling circles in the park. It was not celebration, but a day of affirming strength, military power, and for the protestors "non-russianness". Most locals seemed to just want for it to end so there were no longer these extra people in their way. 
And who am I to judge. I didn't even know the date of Ireland's Independence Day (it's the 29th October). Instead we drink green pints once a year, and celebrate the existence of Leprechauns. 


Life skill obtained: Can take photos while carrying a flaming torch in the middle of a moving crowd who speak a different language. 
The photos below are of a torch walk organised by a newer Estonian party whose aim is to promote nationalism. 

Third last photo banner translation: 
"Blue sky in the face of a white man with black soil"

February by ellie berry


I feel the first month of being in a new city you're still a tourist, spending too much money and trying to go see everything. The photos below were taken at the Russian Market near the main train station. Not sure how welcome I am when I walk in there with my camera, but the language barrier between us is so far working to my advantage. Hopefully they'll grow accustomed to me - or if not, at least tell me to leave nicely. 

35mm Agfa Colour 

Pretty photos thrown in a pile by ellie berry

More photos from Tallinn! None of these photos really go together, but it's a Tuesday! So they're going out like this. Mixture of shots from the Palace and my walk to it. 

Twenty-Four Days in Tallinn by ellie berry

It's been twenty-four days since I arrived in Tallinn (and 10minutes actually if we want to be exact), and I am unsure where to begin. 
In this time I have joined Instagram (just for fun), I've lost my bank card (not so fun). I am in the process of joining Swedbank, and I managed to only fall on my ass once. I have learnt two words of Estonian (hello and thank you), but have had a full conversation with an old lady who thought I was someone else. 

I have not gotten lost. 

I think people need to appreciate how big an achievement that is. On a slightly related topic, I have become an expert at Google Maps. I've fallen in love with both Old Town's towering churches, and the industrial forced beauty the rest of the city projects. I've seen ice sculptures and large format linocuts. I have not attended a "photography" class yet. I am eating a lot of chocolate, but I'm blaming the long nights for that. There is strong coffee! I get to shoot as much film as I want as it cost €4.80 to have a roll processed, scanned and emailed to me. I have visited the old Palace and seen the most amazing ball room. And I have learnt it is really hard to photograph falling snow. 

Now that I've tried to type some words, here are the photos.