Graduate Show / by ellie berry

Recently, I put work on a wall and had people come look at it. 
It felt a lot more stressful than that sentence makes it out to be. 

The largest and final project of my course is to create a body of work for exhibition. For my piece, I walked from my home in Dublin to my mother's home in Tipperary over the Easter period. The whole walk took about six days, and roughly two hundred and forty kilometres. When you're walking it's hard to keep track. 

Stylistically, I would like to say the images I made while one this walk stand half way between a documentary piece and a contemporary fine art photographic work. 

While walking I was certainly thinking about my connection to and impression of Ireland. I've been away quite a bit recently and wanted to spend some time just outside in the place I'm supposed to be from. Did I get that connection - I don't know. But I certainly want to spend more time outdoors again.