More Mucking About by ellie berry

Finished work early one of the past evenings and headed out to the scalp. Learnt some valuable experience about warming up - do it. It just gets frustrating you jump straight on a project and spend an hour not really getting off the ground. So be smart boys and girls and do that easy 5+ for fun! 

Also, know what's tricky? Taking photos while only climbing with one other person and having to spot them. Hence all photos seem to only be when the other person is only a foot off the ground ... I swear we can get further than that!

And lastly, the subtle shoe throw to remind me to put the camera down.

20th August by ellie berry

Back climbing. Skin still peeling, arms still aching, motivation now growing. 

Feels good to be healthier again. Still have a way to go, but was starting to feel like some strange slug-potato mutation from sitting around so much and not sweating. At least this means I have finally created an exercising addiction. Endorphins all the way! 

Why not climb 5.14? by ellie berry

Motivation from the sick bed:

Just stole this motivating flow-chart from an article here, which basically says, why limit yourself to not trying the 5.14 route? Just because it's not your grade doesn't mean it's not possible. While I'm not a trad or sport climber (yet), it all still applies. This is what I kinda took when I decided to climb 3 7A's in the next 6 months, or as close as. 

Happy Monday!

And then I die (partially) by ellie berry

I've been suffering a cold for the past two weeks, which has escalated into things far worse, and today the doctor said no climbing for 1 - 2 months. hmm. 

I'm still going to train (once the first couple of sick weeks are over) and try to come out of this healthier and fitter than before. 

Mission for the next week: come up with a sick-friendly training programme! 


Below: photos of a hike up the sugar loaf that happened a long time ago (8 months?) 

First Scalp Outing by ellie berry

Patrick sticking the first few moves of Gullies Problem in the Scalp.

I went outside! And it was a lot of fun. 

While Ireland may not have the best weather most of the time, I don't feel that it's much of an excuse for how little I've climbed outdoors (ever). So I've simply decided to go out more. The Scalp is probably one of the most accessible climbing areas in the Dublin area (timetable below). Granite rocks lead to both some pretty nice crimps and slopers; and by nice, I mean either sharp or very slopey. But still a lot of fun. 

Carl after finishing the warm up problems on ... the rock behind the wall? 

I love gym climbing; I can spend an hour trying a circuit a grade or two higher than normal, followed by tea and chatting with people, and then messing trying jumps, then anything else that takes my fancy.
Climbing outside I'm finding more relaxing, more of an escape, but also extremely psyche fueled and exciting. One problem can last 2 hours, and only be more interesting. 

And now my rambling is finished.
Remind me to charge my camera before I bring it out in future though - it died giving Patrick the last of it's power so he could make the moves on Gullies Problem ;-) 

Getting There:


Week One: Weak Skin by ellie berry

My photo, but not my hands. Close though.

First week back climbing! Yay! 

Ignoring the general upper body strength I had lost while walking, I had also lost all my calluses. I had forgotten how sore getting these back would be! And so many days, I feel it was my skin that gave out before my motivation. And seeing as I don't want to blow a tendon or do something silly, this was probably for the best. I guess. 

Climbing level is still low, but feel a noted difference each day. 

Core Routine:

  • 15 crunches
  • 7 push-ups
  • 15 opposite-knee-and-elbow-touch crunches
  • 7 push-ups
  • 30 - 45 sec flutter kicks
  • 7 push-ups
  • 10 climbers planks (per leg)
  • Plank race with partner or 60sec if alone
  • 7 push-ups

This is what I'm starting with as my core/arms workout. Need to find something else that I can do instead of all the push-ups. Although they're pretty great just to get my arms moving again and not put any strain on tendons or skin. 

Lastly - ClimbOn! is the greatest skin thing in the world. I even used it on my feet while I was walking. Thankfully it didn't pick up the smell along the way. 

Goals for 2015 by ellie berry

12th July 2015

Welcome to my secret climbing blog! 

Yes, it's a secret. No, I don't know why. Yes, you may tell people. And yes, you can laugh, but only if it's with me. 

Climbing is something I really love. I'll never be a competition climber (nerves man, they're serious) but that doesn't mean I can't try and be good anyway.
One of my major problems is that I'm a bit lazy. And that 'a bit' is similar to 'a lot'. But that's just something you get around. I've consistently wanted to train during the three years of my inconsistent climbing history, but never really had the get up and go to do it.

I've just finished walking 1000km in Spain, and suddenly I'm feeling quite restless. It was only as I was walking that I fully realised how much I want to spend my life outdoors, moving forward, doing things. So before I start to loose the strongest legs I've ever had in my life, time to set some goals:

  • Climb outdoors 3 boulders Font grade 7A.
  • Finish top 10 in the Gravity Summer Series (I know, but this is a nice competition).
  • Complete 10km Charity run in less than 60minutes (Cardio! eek)
  • Start rope climbing (it looks cool). 
  • Start a docu climbing series on Ireland climbing (I am a photographer sometimes). 

And that's it. Next post next Sunday?