New Climbing Website! by ellie berry


For a while I've been feeling like this site is getting a little cluttered, and so I am super excited to say that this morning I built a separate sit for all 'Climbing and the Outdoors' photography I do. That's not to say a small bit won't still crop up on this side, but now everything is starting to feel a little less claustrophobic. 

I chose the name allezberry  originally as a twitter handle; because 'allez' means 'go', and is a very popular climbing phrase of encouragement in the climbing world. Also, it sounds a bit like 'ellie'. Now I use it for multiple platforms, and so I thought it fitting name for a new website.

This website isn't going anywhere. It's going to remain my 'personal' site, with all the non-climbing work I create on it. The only changes will be me finishing the spring clean so the place has a flow to it. 

So go flick through the galleries on the new site (click the image above) and tell me what you think! 

Happy New Year by ellie berry

There is something really special about finding a photo that you took years ago - no matter what platform its taken on (this photo was taken on a terrible phone camera) - and it really resonates with you. The feelings of the time, the other memories it sparks. So here's to a year of 1 million photos and 1 million places. And here's to being positive.

Good Luck.