Leaving Tallinn by ellie berry

Last Tuesday saw me leave Tallinn with heavy bags and a heavy head-cold. And yes, maybe a slightly heavy heart. It is not a city I expected to fall inlove with. It's not a city I even expected to like after my first month there. But now I have a strong fondness the country and am already planning my return trips. 
Here are a couple of photos from Breakaway, a contemporary dance piece composed and preformed by two French girls I met, Fleurette Séguret and Mathilde Roch-Penet. Their performance was on one of my last days in Tallinn.

Dancers by ellie berry

Last Sunday, I found out about a dance competition here in Tallinn. I'm planning on using these photos as part of a larger photographic project, that I'm working on. Here's my first edit of the work. 
(These photos are also listed under "Untitled" under my current projects)