I Will Have Prints / by ellie berry

There is something quite satisfying about seeing an image I made in print form, no matter the quality or size. It's something I've been missing the past while. Without a print it almost feels as if the work doesn't quite exist. It's an odd feeling.
These photos were taken over a year ago when I was living in a tent in France. I'm hoping to have a physical print of all my major projects by the end of my final year, even if they're just small 5x7's.

On another note - my test run of double exposures came out pretty perfect! There was no real meaning to the shots other than to test settings, and I went with a usual trope in the form of flowers. Now to gather my other film cameras from the far flung corners they have fallen to and start shooting lots of rolls at once! 


And so ....  it's time to look into calibrating my screen. And thesis reading.