This is Ireland / by ellie berry

I hadn't really considered what I was doing for my blog piece until an hour ago, when I realised it was once again Tuesday. These photos were part of a series I started last October, based around Ireland and (post) Colonialism. The people located in the images were some of the 13 other people I lived with in a house in Dublin. Most were from the Philippines, but had been living in this country and this strange building for 10 years. Many seemingly spoke almost no english.  Below is one of the pieces of text I considered showing with the final project. Maybe one day I'll come back to it. 

"But this Ireland is also everywhere and nowhere ... it is dealing with displacement in a world where all borders "political, cultural and psychological" are permeable. In his Einsteinian universe, time and place form a continuum in which it is possible to travel from Dublin to Delphi, from Carlingford to the Valley of Kings without going anywhere. He is dealing, too, with the strange interactions of nature and technology, myth and commerce, the mundane and the supernatural in contemporary culture. Irelantis is vulnerable, not just to the invasion of dreams, but to the meteors, whirlpools, volcanoes and glaciers that remind us that we are not, after all, masters of the universe. It is a place where inner and outer realities blend into a single seamless vision. It is where we live now." 

Extract from Fintan O' Toole's introduction, to Irelantis by Sean Hillen.