Competitions? / by ellie berry

I've never really been one to enter photography competitions, I think from a combination of being afraid of being told my images were not good enough, and not really considering my work strong enough for such a thing. But, if you're not in, you can't win, right? 
So I've decided to enter some of my Mayo work (re-edited and re-looked at) into a competition based around the theme of abandoned spaces. I also considered entering my empty caravans from France, but personally I just like the Mayo photos more (and I asked a friend or two for opinions). 
Below are the re-edited images (all I did was take them out of the huge framing I had set them in previously), and what I have seen in some of Ireland's abandoned spaces.


You can never be sure, when travelling through rural Ireland, seeing no one for an hour, passing small houses set back from the road, if there is anyone there. I have walked and walked, over fences, past lakes, and through kitchens of places that seemed untouched for the longest time. Some places have pots in the sink, others just the faded markings from picture frames that hung on walls for a life time or two.