College, Cameras and Features / by ellie berry

I have to apologise for missing the past two posts. This week has seen me return to college, re-start a climbing club, and generally try to get organised. I had forgotten how long it takes to scan negatives for instance, and the fact that you need to clean the scanner before even attempting to use it. Or how letting laundry pile up results in almost running out of washing powder when you try to attack it all at once. The photo above is from a cliff walk I did out in Howth quite a while ago at this stage. I'm slightly in love with black and white at the moment. 

I'm looking at buying another camera. This is never a bad idea, it is simply a question of how poor I'm willing to be for a while. For ages, I have been considering the Fuji X-100S, as it is a beautiful camera, both in image quality and looks. Finding one of these second hand (who can afford brand new cameras, seriously?), seems to be impossible, as everyone loves them so is rightfully holding onto them. While in a camera shop yesterday however, one of the staff pointed me towards a Fuji X-E1. It's a more expensive camera. It's a bigger camera. It is out of the price range I wanted to buy in. My boyfriend is considering me silly for taking the bait of the up-sell to the pricier camera. But it really is interesting. I love all the kit I currently own, but it is hard to wander around and take the kind of casual everyday shots and street photography I want to do at the moment, with a big bulky DSLR. Time to sit tight and think hard. 

In other news, the images I have so far for my Luas project have been featured on, which is quite cool. I'm starting to scan the negatives as opposed to just the photos of those images and can't wait to share them with you. 

And for now, I'll leave it at that. Here are two photos from Austria (my orange and blue hunger still rages!).