The Disposed / by ellie berry

Seeing the old men and women come and stare out of their lawn chairs at the passers by, it made me wonder what happened when these people passed. Did their children come and wheel these second homes away, clear out old trinkets into boxes that are then lost in the general passage of time? Walking around the campsite, ended up at the end of a row of lots I hadn't noticed before. And there they were. 

You could tell no one had opened these doors for a while. Abandoned haphazardly together, pushed just a little too far into the trees, were the disposed caravans. Lace curtains tattered and vehicles listing to one side on punctured wheels, I walked among these forgotten things. There is no one camped near them, and why would they. Looking at them, there was no shaking the feeling of something wrong, and something missing. 


Disposed images to come.