How I was once told I could be a moss photographer / by ellie berry

Once, I was told that I should consider becoming a professional moss photographer; that there was surely a market of geological-based professionals who would buy photos of moss - a whole market completely untapped! 
It started off with me informing the other half of the conversation that I was going to France with my boyfriend for the summer to climb rocks - or in my case, to sit on the ground with a broken foot. My colleague pondered for a moment, then in a Eureka moment adamantly stated the word "Moss!". At a loss, I asked how moss was going to come into the equation (unless it was in the way of climbing). I was informed that moss is the one thing that will be plentiful where I was going, and that I should photograph it. They could think of no one who was currently documenting moss through photography and it could be an interesting path to go down. Nodding in agreement, I decided to contemplate this statement later, and moved onto the topic of how nice the ice-cream was.