Outdoor Climbing / by ellie berry


Went to The Scalp, an outdoor bouldering field (or hill face) in Wicklow, which while isn't the best place in Wicklow, it is accessible by Dublin Bus! Which is wonderful for a non-car driver like me. First time outdoor climbing since being in France, and real rock is fun. Sore, but really fun. It was only my second time there, and definitely need to spend more time sitting around with the goats. 
That was on Sunday, and yesterday (Tuesday) I slipped climbing in Gravity and have pulled something in my wrist and finger. Nothing bad, but it's sore. So no climbing for the next week or so. 


Also - it's now October, and I'm considering doing a post a day for the month. However, will that lead to me publishing work I am less happy with just to make sure I do post something? Who knows, but for now it sounds like a fun project.  Enjoy the photos! 

The below photo is of me on Dark Angle (6a?) and (one of the reasons) why all the photos of Carl above are only arms and feet.